Sunday, 27 October 2013

First Post

Two weeks ago I started at Hobsonville Point Secondary School alongside Cindy, Georgi, Bryce, Pete, Martin, Maliina and Danielle.

At the end of the first week when people asked me what it was like at Hobsonville Point Secondary School I said " at times it feels like a combination of being on the Amazing Race and The Block". To get to know each other we did activities like -Make a sculpture that represents YOU in 20 minutes. This is my idea of a nightmare as I do like to spend time on 3D models getting them just right. Presenting these to each other gave a good understanding of who we all are. We also worked together as a group spending a Friday out and about in the community finding examples of the Hobsonville Habits. We put photos and clips together as a video to present back to the rest of the HPSS staff. Danielle (iMovie) and Pete (soundtrack) were critical in pulling the final edit together. Below are a couple of examples of the slides using images (from the area) and text to represent what the Hobsonville Habits mean. This was the highlight of the first week for me.

Week 2, the NEWBIES (as we are called) did a personal presentation about our life to date, each morning at Kitchen Table. The rest of the week was spent working in various groups on the Curriculum, Hubs and Budget. As I would like this Blog to be a visual representation of my experiences I have shown my thought process below.

Week 3 starts tomorrow................................................

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  1. Wow Liz, I love the combination of the pictures and text. You summarised our week so well and I think the allusion to the amazing race is so true! Look forward to reading more soon :)