Saturday, 9 November 2013

Week Four / Start of Week 5

End of Week 4 / Start of Week 5 already. This last week was varied with progress made on Strategies for Maori and Pasifika Achievement, HBDI Profile Testing, Setting Goals and Feedback, Powerful Partnerships and BIG Projects. Finishing the week with a visit to Marina View Primary School. 

Stategies for Maori and Pasifika Achievement:

Addressing Maori achievement is an area I will need to improve my knowledge, although I have 7 years experience working alongside Pasifika students.

Setting Goals and Feedback:
After completing the workshops with Megan on Setting Goals and the types and levels of feedback I thought that the most effective feedback in my experience as a student was while at University. At Design School we did not have exams but formal critiques at the beginning, middle and end of the project work. We also gained weekly informal feedback during the projects. Projects were the completion of Design Briefs which took an entire Semester. The formal critiques required each student to present design boards, mock-ups and models to a panel of three lecturers and the cohort of students completing the paper. Critical feedback was always given which was daunting but was also invaluable to the next step in the process.

Powerful Partnerships and BIG Projects:
As a group (lead by Sarah) Martin, Bryce, Pete and myself have spent the majority of the week working towards planning the structures around partnerships with the community and the Big Projects that students will work on each term. Term 1 next year students will produce a representation for a Hobsonville Habit. As a group this week we spent time working on the Principles, Practices and SWOT analysis for Partnerships and Projects. 
Danielle explained the website students would be using to show evidence of their progress. We also started to think about the planning we need to do and decisions that need to be made in conduction with the LTL's (Learning Team Leaders) and the SLL's (Specialised Learning Leaders).

Kick Start / Plan / Action / Showtime / Final Look
Sarah had the idea to produce a student website for the BIG Projects as a place students can record and demonstrate evidence of their process and progress. Danielle has designed and produced the website that students can use. She shared this with us on Thursday. Danielle has designed a great system that is very user friendly. Alongside Sarah and Danielle I have been working on the logos for this site. Work in progress shown below:

Marina View School Visit:
Sally, Cindy, Martin and myself visited Marina View Primary. Which was a great visit. It started to cement all the planning that we have been doing. I was pretty impressed with how many interests the students have and how capable they appeared. This just means that we will have the opportunity to extend them even further. 
Extra Curricular interests: Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Netball, Soccer, Achery, Dance, Singing, Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, Bands, Kapa Haka, Marina View T.V.

Subject interests: Maths, Science, Technology, Languages (French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Food Technology, Art), Business Project


Looking back over Week 4 I realise how much has been achieved in a small space of time.