Friday, 1 November 2013

Week 3 - Development

Even though this week was only 4 days it was packed with content related to the Curriculum and Hubs at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Wednesday I was overwhelmed with information related to the Curriculum which started to sink in Thursday and Friday. This may have been due to the lightened mood on Thursday where most of us dressed up for Halloween.

A discussion between myself and Di on Wednesday afternoon helped to cement understanding and resolve some of the queries or questions I had around the bigger picture with regards to content covered, to a senior level, within the Curriculum. The diagram below represents our discussion and helps to define the progression from Year 9 to Year 13 at Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

On Thursday, in 4 groups, we started an exercise looking at the quadrants - Stategic, Innovative, Relational and Metacognitive. Each group came up with an activity for the following day which would help exemplify each of the quadrants. These activities have been pooled together to use with our hubs next year. The image below came from the quadrant Innovative where we were separated into two groups. Group 1 was given the same activity as Group 2 but far more restrictions (e.g. size of wheels, trolley etc). The activity exemplified incredibly well the outcomes from a different approach taken when presenting the task. 

Last post I commented on how my HPSS experience so far felt like a combination of the Amazing Race and The Block. Well on Friday afternoon we literally took part in a Masterchef Challenge. Ahhhh was my first thought as I am a hopeless cook. Luckily I had Georgi and Jill on my team to demonstrate what needed to be done to produce a gourmet platter. 
Amazing food produced below.

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