Saturday, 16 November 2013

Week 5 - Projects

The highlights this week have been planning BIG projects with Sarah, Martin, Bryce and Pete. Working as a group does take time as everyone has a lot to contribute. At times it does feel like we are going round in circles BUT more ideas do come from this collaborative environment and our own understanding is more thorough. Ideas are presented that otherwise would not have been thought of individually. Martin described the process we are working through as Forming, Storming, Norming and then Performing which is demonstrated with the group work we are doing. The planning below exemplifies our group working through an identified situation as if we were a cohort of students. 

Below is the document developed, from the above planning, for students to use as part of their BIG projects. This is just a snippet of what we have achieved this week.

On Wednesday we had a whole staff day out as a group for Discovery Day. We started the day at the National Library, splitting into two groups to participate in a design activity. Our group was lead by Di. One thing she commented on is that research shows that 'Designer's' feel comfortable in a state of flux or uncertainty. This is quite relevant when referring back to the discussions we have had as a good related to the planning we have done towards the induction of staff to BIG Projects.

The afternoon of Discovery Day we visited THE MIND LAB, which has been open only 8 weeks. We worked in groups of three to program and race robots. A range of skills across different Curriculum areas can be gained from this type of activity. 

The Mind Lab is a specialist digital technologies lab teaching hands-on, practical classes and courses in animation, programming, game development, robotics, science technology and film for students aged 4 - 14 years.

Check it out -

To finish off the week a resourceful, innovative design idea below:

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  1. Great to see you sharing your experiences in the team this week Liz - it was great to read :)