Saturday, 30 November 2013

Week 7 - what a week

Making progress this last week towards finalising Curriculum Courses, BIG Projects and getting ready for Orientation Day.

It is good to get into some detailed planning of Modules and Spins. The following  is what I will be involved with teaching Term 1 next year, all based on "Idetinty":

  • Small Module - (Jill and I) - Kiwi Icons, Mathematics and Technology (DVC)
  • Spin - 3D Selfie (3D representation of self), Hard Materials Technology
  • Spin - Branding (2D representation of self), Digital and DVC Technology
  • Spin - Family Tree (2D or/and 3D representation of family history) Digital, DVC or/and Hard Materials Technology.
NOTE:  DVC - Design and Visual Communication.

The great thing about the above modules is that in each Module or Spin a different discipline of the Curriculum Area Technology is being covered, therefore different skills. Students will be able to opt into whichever most interests them.

Lea, along with others, has been working on the organisation of the Orientation Day for this coming Monday. 100+ foundation students and parents will be introduced to HPSS tomorrow.  One of the Hub activities for students, in their communities, will be to produce a leaf (outlining details of themselves) for the tree below.

I have had had a fairly creative week, this week, producing the tree above for 15 Hubs, the CRIME SCENE board below (Pete's idea) and the BIG Projects man at the bottom of this page. 

The board below was part of the Partnerships, BIG Projects presentation that Sarah and the team introduced on Wednesday. The board was used as a demonstration of what a 'Kick Off' for BIG Projects could look like. Sarah, Pete and Bryce roll played a scenario to get group members to think about the real issue of no rubbish bins at HPSS next year. The mock project was called BIN THINKING. The 'Kick Off' was followed with a 'Planning' session of how to resolve this issue. Our team - Pete, Martin, Bryce and myself acted as the Guides for the group of students (HPSS staff in this scenario).

From this session we gained lots of feedback around what changes we need to make to the student and teachers planning sheets for BIG Projects. We also identified what we need to work on for the follow up presentation this coming week. I will be presenting the stage 'Action' and what this will look like in the BIG Projects process, on Thursday.

The BIG Projects man drawn at a large scale below. These will be used for the exhibition for parents of students working during orientation day tomorrow.

Thursday and Friday was spent at the Scil workshop. The ideas presented reaffirmed what we have been working on at HPSS but also prompted ideas to apply to Modules, Spins and Big Projects. One is that I am going to set up a Google Site or Weebly Website. On this site I will include artwork specifically for Design and Visual Communication to support all Technology disciplines. I will produce this artwork myself. E.g. every time I demonstrate instrumental drawing, sketching or rendering to students I will video myself and then upload to the website. A resource that will be built on with time. Students can then refresh their skills at anytime needed. 

Mainly, the Scil days cemented my understanding of the tools available for teachers and students to use.

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